5 star ratingI used these guys to move for the second time in three years. They proved to be as reliable and efficient as they were the first time. I lived in a third floor apartment with narrow stairways and no elevators. I had a large sectional that I was really concerned because it took the movers over an hour to get it into the apartment.
In the morning of the move, three guys, Joey, Christian and Dimitri showed up. They were easy going and kept working. it took them about four hours to move everything out and an hour to move everything into my house. Oh, the sectional I was worried about, it took them about five minutes to get it out of the apartment. Some people just get the geometry of furnitures. Well done guys. A generous tip was well deserved.
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Sean W. Avatar
Sean W.
5 star ratingEverything went great! The boys that helped us move were awesome. They communicated well with us and had a great sense of humor. I totally trusted them with every part of our move. They even gave us some set up advice in the new home when my couch didn't fit the way I envisioned it. 🙂 They even worked non stop when it started to pour down rain!! I can't think of anything that needs to be improved!! Things that were especially appreciated: furniture set up advice, difficult removal of the washer and dryer, subtracted time for a short lunch break (which I totally didn't expect them to do- they had been working so hard, they deserved that break!), friendly and welcoming to my dogs, and understanding of the fact that the dogs were whining the whole time! I will recommend you guys to everyone that asks! I was really impressed with your yelp reviews, which is why I chose you guys in the first place. A lot of moving companies have bad reviews (probably because it is so hard to please people during a stressful time) but your reviews proved to be true! You were competitively priced, and I am so glad that I went with you guys.
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Rachel M. Avatar
Rachel M.
5 star ratingHired B&Z Moving for a complex job of moving stuff from two storage units to one storage unit and an apartment. The job was completely with utmost professionalism and care. Danny and Isaiah very great at not just their work but also with clear communication and planning the move & storage. They were very cooperative with any ad-hoc requests that I had (like moving some stuff out at another storage unit, which wasn't a part of the initial estimate and plan). They even stayed extra 2 hours for a job that was initially estimated to be 3.5 hours. I am extremely satisfied with the service, especially with these two.

Also, B&Z Moving, when compared to virtually every other moving company, charged less amount for the job so that's a plus.
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Kapil C. Avatar
Kapil C.
5 star ratingZac, James and David are top notch and we couldn't have asked for a better move. From the very start, a few weeks before the move, Zac communicated about what to expect, timing, tips...it was very professional and hassle-free. If you want great service and at a very fair and transparent price, you can't go wrong with B&Z Moving. I will be sure to recommend them to any and all friends and family who are undertaking big moves! Don't waste time comparing, go with them and you will be taken care of.
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Britt Y. Avatar
Britt Y.
5 star ratingThis is a very late review for a move we did last November of 2015 within University Place, WA.

We have moved interstate multiple times (CT-IA, IA-CT, CT-IL, IL-WA) and intrastate (2x in CT and WA) since 1996 and BandZ is, by far, the best movers we have used compared to Mayflower, United Van Lines and Bekin. The men (Zac, Brandon and I forgot name of the 3rd) came on time, were very professional and hard working, and very pleasant. Despite the difficulty and challenges, the men were in a good spirits throughout the move. Not a single word of complaint! If you are familiar with the terrain of properties overlooking the Puget Sound, you will understand how steep these properties could be. We moved to a house with a very steep driveway uphill and the moving truck could not go up because its rear end hit the ground. I immediately called Lani and "complained" about why she sent a large truck when I specifically told her the driveway into the house we were moving to had a very steep, not gradual, uphill slope where the lower level was elevated from the street level at least a full storey high, and our unit was on the upper level, therefore a full three storeys above street level. She told me not to worry and assured me these guys were professionals and would find a way to get our stuff into the house safely and carefully. And they did exactly that, hauling each and every item up the long and very steep driveway. These included brand new appliances including a high end 48" commercial dual fuel range! For the first time in our multiple moves, not a single item broke! They even credited us for the 30 minutes lunch break where we provided them with pizza, soda and cold water.
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J Francisco Y. Avatar
J Francisco Y.
1 star ratingI was overcharged by a company called B & Z Moving. The original amount I was quoted was just over $500. The final tab was almost $800. Would that be okay for you? I didn't think so. It is not okay for me either. This is my experience. Whatever the company says in response to my experience is just a bunch of CYA. Do what you want in regards to this company, but in my opinion, buyer beware. On a positive note the 3 men who did the lifting, transporting, and disposal of a 500lb safe, transporting a metal dental chair, and transporting an antique dental x-ray machine were fantastic. Before I scheduled the appointment I was very careful to explain what I wanted. I explained and agreed to the disposal of a 500lb metal safe to a dump, transfer a metal antique dental chair 5 minutes from the pick-up location to my residence, and transport an antique dental x-ray machine to my residence. The 3 workers told me they took the safe to the dump but were told the safe could not be disposed of there. So the 3 men came back to my house and told me I had 2 choices. Either take the 500lb safe from their truck and dispose of it myself with no additional charge or get charged extra for disposal of the safe and the extra time to drive to the original disposal dump, drive time to my house, then the extra time to take the safe to a different disposal site. Now, what was I to do? Take the 500lb safe myself? I don't think so. Would you? Again, I don't think so. This is where an unscrupulous company takes advantage of an unsuspecting customer. So I was behind the proverbial "8 ball". Again, the 3 men were very professional. As for me, I would not trust B & Z Moving. I would not recommend B & Z Moving. Unless you want a "bait 'n switch" company. Take any response from them with a grain of salt. By the way, I paid them in full. One of the 3 movers recommend I call the owners to see what they could do about the change in the price quoted. This to me means this must have happened before because they were very quick to make that suggestion.
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Rick C. Avatar
Rick C.
5 star ratingShowed up right on time and did a safe and efficient job of moving out of an apartment and into a townhouse. Great customer service throughout the process. Everything I could have asked for.
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Matthew C. Avatar
Matthew C.
5 star ratingWe used B&Z to unload a 2 bd apartment and decided to try them out again for a full move into a house. They quoted us for 7 hrs and completed everything in a little over 4 hrs.

They were very efficient and hard working. Bill and his colleague showed up 10 mins early, they arrived at our destination before we did, and they were very easy to communicate with. We trust these guys! I found them to be reliable, professional and casual.
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Plus A. Avatar
Plus A.
5 star ratingI booked a move with B&Z and from start to finish, the service was impeccable, efficient and reasonably priced!

The quoting process was very straight forward, essentially a form to quantify your belongings, locale information, and timing. Zac got back to me right away, with a detailed quote, what was included, information about insurance, etc. One piece of feedback I have is to make the form web-based (The version had was Excel).

Moving day:
The move was scheduled for afternoon, I received a call from the movers at 12:30 stating they were 20 minutes away. The team that arrived was extremely professional and courteous. They took really great care of my belongings, but still moved quickly and efficiently.

Post Move:
After the move, they went into detail on the billing process to make sure I understood everything I was being charged for, including the hours (start and stop time) that I was being billed for, truck costs, and insurance. The final bill was almost spot on (a little under, actually) the estimate.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with my experience with B&Z, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to move in the Seattle area.
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Ryan M. Avatar
Ryan M.
1 star ratingI have no idea how this place got such good reviews. I based my hiring of them on the positive yelp reviews and the good customer service on the front end. However, the actual move was the worst moving experience I have ever had.

Everything up to the actual move was great, but once the two guys got there is was all downhill. Very nice men, but absolutely the worst movers I have ever used - and I have moved a lot.

It's as if they were trying to drag the move out as long as possible. I have never, ever seen movers move SO SLOWLY and seem confused by every object. I had just broken my toe and was moving items up and down the stairs faster than they were because it was more painful to watch than to walk on a broken foot. There was a great deal of just standing around and I had to insist they back the truck into our giant driveway rather than taking each item an extra 100yds out to the street. They damaged a chest of drawers beyond repair, it had to be scrapped, and also smacked items against stairs and doorways regularly - there was damage to walls and doorjambs as well.

I expect movers to be expeditious and know how to handle large objects - AT A MINIMUM. I have never, ever had a single item broken before - and this item wasn't even heavy or difficult to move. I don't expect to need to give them direction and walk around on a busted foot faster than they do. When I did complain to the company, not the slightest hint of an apology.

In my many, many, many moves this was by far the worst experience I have ever had. If you want great movers use Can't Stop Moving. I used them for a smaller move and wished I had stuck with them. They seem more expensive but move fast and don't break your stuff so you save in the end.
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Lors D. Avatar
Lors D.
5 star ratingI read the reviews before I contacted B&Z and the ratings were fantastic. I I used them way back in March and haven't forgotten the experience. Everything everyone says about them was my experience, they were great!!! Very careful very thoughtful. They're sooo good.
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Connie R. Avatar
Connie R.
5 star ratingI just finished up a move with this company at the time of writing this review. I can not say enough how much I appreciate their hard work. We had three gentlemen with us for this move and they were amazing! Extreamly courteous, careful with our belongings and very personable.

Working with the office side of the move was a snap as they were extreamly organized and efficient. All paper work was sent to us via email and could be sent back the same. Super fast response times to inquiries, even when I messed up our address and had to email them late at night.

I would recommend B&Z movers to anyone looking to move. I was really nervous at first, people handling your belongings and all, but our move was utterly stress free. Thank you again to B&Z and to the three guys who made our move possible!!!
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Christopher R. Avatar
Christopher R.
5 star ratingI found them through Yelp last year for my move. They were very responsive online, and the movers they sent were really efficient and friendly. Couldn't recommend them enough and I'll surely consider them again for my next move!
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QQ W. Avatar
5 star ratingOur movers are awesome! They worked very hard during the hottest day of the year while climbing up and down two steep flights of stairs. They were very careful with all our furniture and made sure the off load included placement preferences of furniture. Not enough good things to say about Rich, Josef and Garrett.
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Patty E. Avatar
Patty E.
Had a great experience using them. I would highly recommend them if you need a moving company.
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Kevin Young Avatar
Kevin Young
5 star ratingI cannot speak highly enough of this company. I called them last minute when the mover I hired was a no-show, and they were able to fit me in same day. They were professional, friendly, and responsive/communicative, keeping me up to date on where they were with the job proceeding mine. They were unfazed by how frazzled I was as the result of the irresponsibility of the no-show company. When they arrived, they completed my move quickly and professionally. Finally, because I did not use them for their labor-only minimum amount of time, they actually came back to help me (a few weeks later!) to move a misplaced delivery. I am definitely using them again the next time I have to move and highly recommend you use them if you need any sort of moving help.
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Jessica C. Avatar
Jessica C.
2 star ratingCalled before and arrived on time. At destination, driver managed to snap a large tree branch off and had to spend time getting it un-stuck from his truck, and managed to include that time in my bill. Also just left the branch on the side of the street, so it will be in the way until the city finally gets to it.
Nothing was wrapped for protection, and the door frames got some light damage.
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Brett V. Avatar
Brett V.
They arrived on time, were careful moving our furniture, were polite and pleasant. Done in less time than estimated and charged us for just the time they actually took. What more could we ask? Great company!
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A Google User Avatar
A Google User
5 star ratingWe recently moved from Bellevue to Maple Valley and our experience with B and Z could not have been better!! The team was courteous, professional and extremely easy to work with! They packed and moved a 3800 square foot house. They were careful with all of our things. We underestimated the amount of stuff we had and they had to work from 8am to 11 pm but they did it all with a positive attitude! I would highly recommend them for any move you have!
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Sheryl B. Avatar
Sheryl B.
1 star ratingWATCH OUT - THINK THIS COMPANY IS IN FINANCIAL TROUBLE!!!!!! Received email bid & reserved date then emailed to confirm date & was told date not available. Though frustrated requested different date (open ended) was told no dates available. TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE!!!! Should have been contacted to cancel move; if there was some sort of misunderstanding should have been given alternate date but NO ONE is all of a sudden booked into infinity. WATCH OUT!
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Deb G. Avatar
Deb G.

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